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About Us

Vera Cruz Foods was created in 2020 with the objective of serving the European public with healthy, nutritious and quality food products.

Founded by two Brazilians who grew up planting, nurturing and harvesting fruit in their own backyard, we bring to you a tasty and satisfying experience through our products.  Once you try them, your mind and body will thank you for it. 

Located in Innsbruck, Austria, in the heart of the European Alps, we supply tropical products originating from Brazil, all year round. The low storage temperature of our products provides a long shelf life to maintain the natural and delicious taste on your palette.

Our knowledge and expertise of the flavours of Brazil allows us to provide our customers with a faithful experience of Brazilian sensations and pleasures.  We also understand the vast array of products and ingredients available in the food industry so after a long research process, have selected only the best from the Brazilian market. Our suppliers follow strict criterion for the preservation of Brazilian fauna and flora.

Our Mission

Work with a management model based on respect and dedication to our employees, customers and business partners. To prove efficient logistical solutions to introduce the best superfoods in the European continent and give the possibilities of these products to be the majority of the population.

Our Vision

To improve people's health and well-being through food by educating people about healthy tropical fruit products and making them available in Europe.

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