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Our sorbets have an intense fruit flavor and are extra refreshing!


Fruit Pulps

Our frozen fruit pulps are 100% natural and you can enjoy them all year long.



Our snacks are both satisfying and nutritious and contain no preservatives.



Sorbet is a frozen delight that contains just fruit pulp and sugar, no dairy. No animal products are used to increase the fat content, making it a vegan product.


It is made in the same manner as ice cream, that the ingredients are slowly frozen while they are churned to produce a smooth uniform texture. Its intense fruit flavor is extra refreshing!


Our sorbets are 100% natural, source of fiber, gluten free and has no preservatives or colorings.


Our Sorbet Selection

Açaí Natural | Açaí Guaraná | Açaí Fruitmix | Açaí Banana | Pitaya | Cupuaçu



Açaí is a dark purple fruit (pronounced AH-sigh-YEE), that grows from the palm trees on the rainforests of Central and South America. However almost all açaí consumed in the world is produced in Brazil.

After harvested, the fruit must be blended with water within 24 hours, in order to maintain the color, smell and flavor. During this process, the seed - that take up to 80% of the fruit itself - is discarded, resulting a paste looking product.

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From Brazil to the World

Comer errado é o pior dos venenos

(Eating wrong is the worsts of poisons)

- Carlos Gracie -

Açaí became famous in Brazil thru the Gracie Family, masters of the brazilian jiu-jitsu. It was recommended eating açaí pulp before and after every workout, blended with banana and a little guaraná (a mild natural stimulant). 


As the brazilian jiu-jitsu got popularity all over the world and the relationship between the sport and the fruit got stronger, the açaí popularity also growth.


Observing this significant growth of popularity, an agricultural engineer saw the opportunity to adapt the product to the foreign taste adding guaraná, known world-wide as an Amazon symbol.

Benefits of Açaí

On the beginning of the years 2000, many health studies brought to light the power of antioxidants in order to fight the free radicals on our body.

In addition to high doses of iron, potassium and vitamins, the fruit is rich in anthocyanins. These substances are part of the group of antioxidants - have already been associated with reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, with the increase of good cholesterol and with the fight against the formation of fatty plaques in the arteries.



The cupuaçu fruit (pronounced koo-poo-asoo) is native to the rain forest of  northern Brazil and can reach up to 1 kg. The inside is a fleshy white pulp around large seeds. As a family plant of cacao, the cupuaçu trees are very similar in size and shape to the cacao tree.

It is a delicious alternative to chocolate and a great source of antioxidants and fiber. It is also widely used on the cosmetic industry due to its multiples benefits for hair and skin.


Also known as dragon fruit, the plant is native from Central America and grows from a cactus whose flowers open only at night.

The fruit has low calories and a good amount of fibers, vitamins and minerals.

Its pulp is white, fleshy and contains small black seeds, that is also edible. Some other types of Pitaya can present also a yellow skin or a red flesh.


Fruit Pulps

Our frozen fruit pulps are 100% natural, minimally processed, no addition of water, sugar or flavorings. It’s the best way for you to have fruit pulps available all year long.

Our different pack sizes allows you to prevent waste and take your creation to new limits. Fruit pulps are often used to prepare juices, smoothies, bowls, cocktails, ice creams, jams and desserts. Perfect to make your own recipe for those looking for its natural flavor!

Our Fruit Pulp Flavors

Açaí | Acerola | Banana | Cajá | Cashew | Cupuaçu | Guava | Lime | Mango

Passion Fruit | Pineapple | Pineapple Mint | Soursop

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It looks like a large-sized tuber with an elongated shape, having a thick and woody skin very similar to a shiny brown bark on the outside and creamy white on the inside. By carving the root lengthwise with a knife and pulling it away (just like removing the fresh bark from a tree branch), inside it has a white, firm, very hard and crunchy pulp. It was elected the food of the 21st century by the United Nations (UN).


Cheese Bread

Pão de queijo is a typical Brazilian product made with tapioca flour and cheese. It contains no gluten, preservatives or dyes.

This product is a very versatile product and can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a small snack. Can be combined with sweet and savory fillings according to your desire.

Pão de queijo is soft and tasty and it tastes best served warm.

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